An image is an illusion of reality. As a photo artist or illusionist, Arroyo strives to capture that perfect moment when the subject displays the perfect illusion. In his experience, such a moment usually presents between planned poses or staging when he is relaxed and not “performing” for the camera. It lasts a few seconds, and if I’m fortunate, it is captured to be displayed for eternity.”

Jose Arroyo began taking pictures at age 15. Shortly after graduating from college and moving to San Diego, Arroyo had his first gallery opening, where he debuted his series of black and white male figure studies. After 40 years of capturing the human male form, Arroyo has mastered his unique painting style, with lights and shadows producing dark, sexy, gritty, and moody results.

His work has graced the covers of magazines all over the globe, such as Urban Fitness, Exercise for Men Only, The Advocate, GMARO Men, MOEVIR, BLouder, SWEETER Men, Barbequeer, Provocator, PUMP, ELEGANT, Malvie Magazine, OUT Magazine and MEN'S CRUZE.

In 1996, Arroyo moved to Los Angeles, where he has been a resident. After going digital, he loves playing with the digital darkroom aspect of photography. 

In July 2022, he launched his magazine, Arroyo Magazine.

Arroyo is constantly inspired by the challenge to capture subjects at that perfect moment.